It charges everything.

Light. Compact. All-in-one.

Large, bulky, and cumbersome battery chargers are finally a thing of the past. Introducing Genius, the smart charger that takes performance and safety to a completely new level. Consider the top five reasons why thousands have already made the switch.

Product line:

Part #: G750

Part #: G1100

Part #: G3500

Part #: G7200

Part #: G26000

Part #: G4

Part #: GEN1

Part #: GEN2

Part #: GEN3

Part #: GEN4

Part #: GEN Mini 1

Part #: GEN Mini 2

Part #: GCP1

Part #: GC001

Part #: GC002

Part #: GC009

Part #: GC015

Part #: GC016


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