New “VALUE PRICED” 12V102AH Lithium Battery from Total Battery

We have brought in a special 12V102AH lithium battery, the CLIPHB Grengine from Growing Greener to complement our many brand offerings.

This battery was brought in to address those “VALUE PRICED” customers not wanting to spend as much money as they would on the RELION or DAKOTA or ROLLS.

This will be our lowest priced full service battery and currently we have put the battery on sale till the Nov 23 2020 at an incredible sale price of $737.30 and will be taking orders and deposits for future stock.

The battery is actually designed by the Growing Greener engineers and the specs and performance are equal to the current brands we sell. The cells are cylindrical, CSA approved and will last 3500 cycles to 70% DOD in addition the nominal voltage is 12.8 vs 12.6 so it has a better energy output. It can be connected in series and parallel and It comes with a 3 year warranty. We have 10 in stock now and we are 4-6 weeks away for more stock so we are taking pre-paid orders and we will honour the sale price even if we run out of stock.

All branches are scheduled to have at least one in stock by next week and will ensure each branch puts their battery on display.

We will continue to sell all the lithium brands we carry and over the next month or so Total will be adding additional brands that have unique characteristics in the litihium technology sector. So in a sense, Total Battery will also be a Total “Lithium” Battery company which we know is the future of battery technology.

To order online or view the specifications click HERE

It is also the same price at any of our branches so you can save the shipping fees associated with the online store.

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