Lithium And Other Product Updates

EXPION360 Lithium Batteries
Expion360 produces advanced premium lithium batteries for all your RV, Marine, Golf, Industrial, Residential and Off-The-Grid needs. Expion360 uses cylindrical lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells as its battery type and chemistry. Designed and engineered to handle the toughest conditions with a 12 year warranty.

DAKOTA Lithium Batteries
Dakota Lithium focuses on building batteries that last a long, long time. By harnessing their unique chemistry and engineering know-how Dakota Lithium lasts 4x longer than traditional batteries. Dakota offers a large range of lithium batteries in various voltages from 7AH to 200AH, all backed by a best in class 11 year warranty.

RELION Outlaw 1072s
The Outlaw 1072s is a portable solar storage solution that puts natural power right at the tips of your fingers. At only 32 lbs, the Outlaw is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications. Take it with you on camping or hunting trips, use it as an alternative power source at home or have it ready in case of an emergency power outage. It can be used to charge a number of appliances and electronics, so you have power on-hand without the noise and fumes of a gas generator.

GRENGINE™ Ultralite Combo
Combine the power and versatility of the 480 Wh UltraLite solar generator with an 80 Watt solar panel that weighs 1.8 kg and folds up to 35 x 19 x 9.5 cm, and you can go anywhere without need of an electrical grid. This combo is great for RV’ing, remote worksites, boating, camping, and many outdoor film crews power their lights, cameras and computers with this set up. Freedom AND power at your fingertips.

ODYSSEY AGM Pure Lead Batteries
With twice the power and triple the life of conventional lead acid designs, ODYSSEY® batteries can handle a range of applications and performance demands. Wherever the daily grind takes you, the ODYSSEY battery has the power and endurance to get you through. Ideal for Cars, Trucks, Marine, RV, and commercial applications where ever you need starting power.

BRAILLE Lithium Starting Batteries
Starting Lithium Batteries for your Marine, Powersport and Racing applications. Braille is the only premium grade USA manufacturer of lithium starting batteries and that’s why its the exclusive battery used in all Daytona, Nascar and other racing teams. Now it’s available to you.

NOCO Products
Discover lithium jump starters and a wide selection of smart battery chargers for Marine, RV, Auto, Truck and many other commercial applications. All at great pricing.

Coming Soon…
Total Battery will soon announce a unique revolutionary product designed for the residential and commercial user stay tuned!


Prefer to Shop Online?
Total Battery Online offers the same great pricing vs Big Internet. Batteries and power-solutions are important investments so let our battery specialists work with you to get the right product for the right application and support your local small business.

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