NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Pelican ProGear™ CE1010 Vehicle Phone Mount, CE1020 Bike Phone Mount and CE1130 Sport Armband

pel-holderAs part of the new line of fully-interactive mobile electronics protection, Pelican Products Inc. has introduced the Pelican ProGear™ Mobile Phone Accessory products

Pelican ProGear™ CE1010 Vehicle Phone Mount

Part #: CE1010-CM1A-DD0

Working with most smartphone cases on the market, the CE1010 features a shock absorbing clamp system and 360 degree movement capability for either portrait or landscape view. Attaches to most windshields and dashboards, it features a smooth cam action for a solid mount.

Pelican ProGear™ CE1020 Bike Phone Mount

Part #: CE1020-BK1A-DD0

Designed for bicycles, motorcycles or scooters, the CE1020 features a shock absorbing clamp system allowing for easy lock and release. Fitting up to 33mm diameter handlebars, the mount can be adjusted to multiple angles, making it easier for the user to view their phone outdoors.

Pelican ProGear™ CE1030 Sport Armband

Part #: CE1130-JG1A-DD0

Constructed of stretchable, sweat-resistant neoprene material, the CE1130 Sport Armband features a storage pouch for keys, money, credit cards or other essentials. It also features a clear polymer protective cover that allows the user to operate their phone on the go.

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